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Final Reflection

Assessment of readiness for teaching online     Standard Readiness Standard A: The online teacher knows the primary concepts and structures of effective online instruction and is able to create learning experiences to enable student success. Having completed the Leading Edge Online and Blended Teacher Certification I am now aware […]

Four Roles of an Online/Blended Learning Teacher

7.3 Four Roles of an Online Teacher

Social Director, Program Manager, Technician, Instructor This graphic organizer illustrates my weaknesses and improvement strategies based on the four roles of the online coach. Social Director  Communication and collaboration is an important part of all learning. In a face-to-face environment it can be relatively easy to stimulate conversation and debate […]

6.3 Reflection

As discussed in this week’s material, developing a range of formative assessments is particularly important when learning online, for both the student and the teacher. It is much more difficult for online instructors to monitor progress, identify specific learning needs and remedy misconceptions because many of the indicators that teachers […]

Edmodo Screenshot

4.3 Reflection

The internet has had a tremendous impact on my personal learning, communication and sense of community. Social media allows me to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world. This has been really important to me since my move from the UK to Northern California. I have […]